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DAMOC Coolers

DAMOC™ Coolers are standard fridge/cooler units that incorporate the latest in cutting edge Transparent Glass technology, Media Player and CMS management package.

DAMOC™ Coolers show the ‘product inside’ while also showing full motion HD (1920 x 1080) video “in a see-through” fashion, enthralling your customers and bringing your product to life.

Visit our DAMOC COOLERS website www.damoccoolers.com

Creative content on the DAMOC™ Coolers is delivered and remotely managed through our CMS System via high-speed internet connection.

Our latest rollout of 400 DAMOC™ Coolers for brand Heineken; creative content is delivered and updated via Wi-Fi internet connection, and we manage the content scheduling, day parting and live feeds through our CMS System.

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