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Connecting people with real time messages

Digital signage simply put is using a HD display screens, computer and software that can be centrally controlled to broadcast advertising or multi-media messages in a dynamic attention grabbing way, to the right audience, in the right place, and at the right time.

Digital Signage enables you to reach audiences in real time, update content instantly and on the fly from any remote location on one or thousands of displays in any number of locations across the globe.

Digital Signage is deployed in practically every sector; Retail, Digital Placed-based Networks; Digital Menu Boards; Corporate Communications; Financial; Hospitality, Educational; Wayfinding; Automotive; Military, Municipal, etc., we can help you.

With different levels of sophistication from simple Screens with media-player and basic scheduling software, to sophisticated multi facetted screen networks with multi-zone screen capabilities, broadcast quality scheduling software, RSS FaceBook Twitter Instagram feeds integration, Fling, live video feeds, Advanced analytics etc., all controlled remotely and from a central point.

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Focal Media

Some benefits of digital signage:

While consumers still consume marketing messages from TV and other media, marketers increasingly recognize that great opportunities exist when dynamic content is used near or at the point of purchase; location-based marketing.

  • Location-based digital signage – While TV ads and other media may increase store traffic, Digital Placed-Based signage is “where and when viewers have a mindset to buy” and are open to “relevant” messages. With ‘contextually relevant’ content it interrupts, adds and enhances the viewers’ experience leading to increased sales
  • Place-based digital signage is well documented globally to drive sales
  • Dynamic and eye-catching Real-time updates, scheduled data feeds, instant messaging capabilities ensures that engaging and timely content is always on display
  • Transmedia – pulling all your marketing activity together across various communications platforms (TV, Print, OOH, internet, Mobile, etc.) into one highly target digital media that interrupts and gets noticed
  • Content – creative assets are already there. In many cases it’s a matter of re-skinning and re-purposing existing content
  • Improving brand awareness; brand attributes; brand aspirations
  • Digital Signage enables multiple benefits of engagement, generating desired action
  • Integration with Mobile devices - motivating/triggering engagement on mobile devices and smart phones
  • Brands and companies using digital signage seen as innovators and up to speed with technology

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