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DOOH and DAMOC Screens Network

DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) Advertising networks are essentially Digital Advertising Screens that have replaced static billboards and POS signage. DOOH is the generally segmented into Placed-Based Advertising, Retail, and Outdoor Advertising.

DAMOC Screens (DAMOC’ is an acronym for ‘Digital At the Moment Of Choice’) is a Placed-Based Digital Signage Network targeting consumers where they make their brand call “at the moment of choice”.

DAMOC Screens network - Hospitality Sector: is a Placed-Based Digital Signage Network strategically installed “at the moment of choice” (behind and at bar counters), in selective high-footfall high-volume outlets nationwide. DAMOC Screens are proven to increase sales of drink brands advertised.

DAMOC Screen network consist of HD LCD digital screens complete with future-proofed computer, broadcast quality scheduling software with multi-zoning capabilities, real time RSS, FaceBook and Twitter feeds, together with Free Wi-Fi offering. DAMOC Screen Networks are centrally controlled from our offices in Sandyford, Dublin.

For drink brands DAMOC Screens are 100% “contextually relevant” to the viewing audience; viewers have a mindset to buy a drink and are open to DAMOC Screens messages. With dynamic “relevant content” and live broadband feed; (videos, animated posters, footfall drivers, RSS feeds, etc.), DAMOC Screens deepen the brands relationship with its viewer, engages and interacting with them in a fashion not previously available.

Our ever growing network of DAMOC Screens is essentially a ‘narrowcasting network’ designed to reach a targeted audience with “relentless frequency” of brand exposure at the moment of choice. DAMOC Screens are designed to enhance the viewers experience, the ambience and pace of the outlet, to drive footfall and to drive sales of brands advertised.

Place-based digital signage is well documented globally to drive sales. With the viewers mindset “to buy a drink” what better way to advertise your brand and influence that brand-call than on dynamic interactive engaging DAMOC Screens.

Content is all important and being “contextual relevance” is what matters in fulfilling objectives. The achievement of goals and objectives as defined by the network, be it; “to sell; to inform; to educate; to engage; to entertain, to enhance, to brand building; to deepening the relationship; to interact etc., is directly related to “the relevance of content” for the viewer.

In the case of DAMOC Screens we would say that ‘Content is the Prince’, and that ‘Context is the King’. The DAMOC Screen viewing audiences is already there and with its content being ‘contextually relevant’ viewers engage interact and are open to messages. DAMOC Screens are proven to drive sales.

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