Digital Signage’s content is powered by a media player or system-on-a-chip which pushes content to a display. Users can then manage the content remotely with a content management system in the cloud, or locally on-site within the business.

This is what makes Digital Signage so power, the user is in control. If a business wants to stand out in front of their field, Digital Signage is the effective cost-efficient tool they need. 

Many businesses have seen the advantages of Digital Signage in terms of social responsibility by having the means to offer safety and hygiene tips.

An organisation has the appropriate means to make an impact, sharing information or celebrating the companies or even the local communities achievements. As well as being a positive way to engage with customers it is an extremely useful medium to push sales and drive consumer footfall to the business.

Digital Signage Bars Catering Hotels Hospitality - Focal Media

Bars, Hotels & Catering

Find out how you can create and exciting customer experience using Innovative technology and Interactive Digital Signage. Use these tools enrich the way you drive footfall and product sales.

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Digital Signage - Retail Tesco Focal Media


The retail world is one of the fastest changing industries. Every day there are new methods to push content and engage with consumers. In order to elevate a brand you need to get ahead and get past the noise. Be appealing and informative.

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Digital Signage - Corporate Communications Focal Media

Corporate Communications

Corporate communications departments play a key role in how investors, employees and the general public perceive a company. Be enterprising and streamline your corporate communication with digital signage.

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Digital Menu Boards UCD Focal Media

Quick Service Restaurants

Leading brands in the food industries are constantly setting new standards for interaction with customers. Digital Menu Boards are one of the main tools when it comes to achieving a modern experience for a business in the food service industry.

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Digital Signage Bookmakers - Focal Media


Make your guests excited to play with eye-catching digital signage that conveys all the information they need for a particular event.

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Digital Signage - Education Focal Media


Create an enhanced learning enviornment for both educators and students a like. Use informative and Interactive Digital Signage. Utilise Digital signage and it’s technologies for way-finding and tracking on campus.

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Banking & Finance

Deliver a convenient, informative in-branch experience while reinforcing the branch as a trusted advisor.

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Digital Signage - Medical Healthcare Focal Media

Medical and Healthcare

Display high-value assets on impressive large format video to capture a buying customers potential interest

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Digital Signage - DOOH OOH Focal Media

DOOH Advertising

DOOH allows you to use functions like geofencing, tracking, facial recognition, retargeting, personalisation, attribution and measurement to monitor, track, modify, manage, and display content at your own discretion and in real-time as well.

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Digital Signage Automotive Car Industry - Focal Media


Display high-value assets on impressive large-format video to capture a buying customers potential interest

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Communications from government agency or institution often carry a heightened weight of importance

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Public Transport

Enhance the passenger experience with marketing technology and transportation digital signage that drives dynamic messaging, interactive experiences, convenience and personalisation.

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