Bars, Hotels & Catering

Why use Digital Signage in for Hospitality?

Digital signage can be used to interface with multiple data sources that greatly enhance the guest experience in Bar’s Hotels and Restaurants while boosting the bottom line for the business. The right display network in the Bar, Hotel, or Restaurant space can help reach a broader audience while building brand recognition. At Focal Media, our digital signage screens and software make it easy to design, manage, and schedule custom content to any screen in your network supporting any hospitality initiative.

By implementing the latest in marketing technology solutions, Bar’s, Hotels, and Restaurants can utilize smarter technology to deliver audience engagement in any space.

Whether the audience comes in contact with these solutions on the Restaurant / Pub floor via digital signage or in the hotel lobby with impressive video wall displays or touch screen wayfinding throughout a venue, digital signage makes it possible for their reach to be greater than ever before.

Marketing technology, including digital signs, mobile, and sensor technology, allows Bars, Hotels, and Restaurants owners and operators to interactively guide guests to attractions, events and hospitality amenities. Promote specials and sales onsite.

Using Analytics

By using Scala’s in-house data and analytics platform, Walkbase uses the Bar, Hotel and Restaurant existing technology – such as Wi¬Fi enabled devices and access points, the venue’s mobile app, sensor-enabled displays, sensors, and beacons – to understand how guests and employees are behaving, and what their preferences and patterns are, in real-time.

Using this information, marketing and promotional messages can be optimized and personalised in real-time on any device including digital signs and mobile, down to a one-to-one personal message to a loyal guest making for memorable visitor experience.

Benefits of Bars, Hotels & Catering

  • Use interactive digital signage to engage with customers and personalise experience.
  • Promote a positive brand association, and enhance the premium brand presence in your venue.
  • Use easily editable templates to customise and control your own content and sut out printing costs and recurring fees.
  • Drive footfall back into your outlet with a wide range of regular updates and live sporting events all year round.
  • Advertise special offers, food and drink promotions and live music.

We offer the ability to reach the right customer in the right place at the right time.

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