Why use Digital Signage for Bookmakers?

This bookmaker’s market is highly competitive and delivering digitally dynamic odds and betting information that is vital for the customers and keeping ahead of the competition. As well as consistent mobile, Customers demand a high quality digital signage/communication and in-store experience with all up to the minute data.

With the advancement of software driving these markets it is important that they have the ability to update the screens in real time in each shop saving money and driving profitability. Our digital screen network will offer business a simple integration, flexibility and no requirement to train new staff at shop level as all the work happens from a central location.

Our digital signage solutions can interact with multiple data sources that greatly enhance the customer’s experience at bookmakers while boosting the bottom line for the business. The display network in the bookmakers space can help reach a broader audience while building brand recognition. Our offering makes it easy to manage and schedule custom content to any screen in your network.

By implementing the latest in marketing technology solutions, bookmakers can utilize smarter technology to deliver audience engagement in any space. Marketing technology, including digital signs, mobile and sensor technology, allows bookmakers to promote specials and drive sales. Even build excitement by publicising jackpots with eye-catching displays.

Automated real-time information displays

When using our Digital Signage software the capabilities are endless. There is no limit to the functions that can be incorporated and reworked onto one of our high definition displays. With the right planning for a project, the right Digital Signage solution is infinitely customisable and can be integrated with any data fee or source of content.

It can be used to pull live feeds and real-time information such as sporting scores, live events and so much more.

Benefits of Bookmakers

  • Make your guests excited to play with eye-catching digital signage that conveys all the information they need for a particular game
  • Install our flexible platform for creating, managing and deploying solutions throughout the bookmakers allowing owners and operators to rapidly adjust screen content such as promotions and event updates and ensure information is timely and relevant
  • Implement wide ranging digital bookmakers solutions from eye-catching LED table game signs and digital menu boards to POS jackpot signs and interactive sports betting tablets

We offer the ability to reach the right customer in the right place at the right time.

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