Corporate Communications

Why use Digital Signage for Corporate Communications?

Corporate communications departments play a key role in how investors, employees and the general public perceive a company. Be enterprising and streamline your corporate communication with digital signage.

A constant revolving stream of relevant and up to date information that is pushed directly to areas of a business, but done in a way that is visually appealing. Use live news feeds, production updates, health and safety messaging, wait times, booking and queueing systems. All managed and controlled remotely.

Reduce email clutter and increase employee engagement. Promote employee communication across internal teams. Display up to date working dashboards and real-time visuals project developments and production for monitoring and motivation.

Seeing progress, promotes progress. This will promote a strong trust for stakeholder and members of the business from production and distribution all the way to corporate executives.

Utilise Digital signage and it’s technologies for wayfind and tracking on campus’. Find where and what sectors in your business have the most footfall to effectively communicate information.

Share brand standards and guidelines to help enforce your image in the business. Award and share goals met around the company and increase the feeling of community and culture.

Be enterprising and streamline your corporate communication with digital signage.

Corporate Communication  

Keep your staff Informed and up to date with what is going on in the company

Research has shown that digital signage is a highly effective corporate communication tool. With the help of the Focal Media team it can play an important role in keeping your staff informed and motivated.

Engage your staff in what is going on in the company

 Focal Media’s solution allows the communication you want to be displayed directly in front of the people you want to reach. Research tells us that staff are not reading or engaging in long drawn out emails or newsletters but that Instead they get dynamic, constantly changing screens that grab their attention and hopefully inspire them. We have also found that digital signage is especially effective in workplace environments where employees don’t have regular access to a computer such as workshop or factory floor, building sites or even call centres.

Research has shown that the impact of digital signage can change attitudes and behaviours in the workplace and had a reduction of time spent on non-business websites and social media, A reduction in smoke and toilet breaks, an increase of self-reported feelings of connectivity to the company and an increase of the trust and sincerity of the Employer.

The use of Corporate Communication can inform staff on how the company is performing and how that will affect the employees.

The use of Corporate Communication is so effective informing the employees of company policy changes and medical and well being updates and this information can change with departments making changes and updates immediately updated.

The use of cooperate communication really found its place with recent Covid 19 messaging to employees and visitors.

Benefits of Corporate Communications

  • Seeing progress, promotes progress. Creating a rewarding environment will increase employee engagement.
  • Create clear lines of communication that will be received in a positive and visually appealling way.
  • Reduce email clutter and reduce printing cost by using your Digital Signage as a medium for memo and shared public information.
  • Promote employee communication across internal departments.

We offer the ability to reach the right customer in the right place at the right time.

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