Digital Wayfinding Signage

Why use Digital Wayfinding Signage?

Digital Wayfinder help you and your customers with a powerful, responsive and intuitive solution.

Getting people where they need to be is no easy task in a large facility or on a vast campus. Interactive digital signage offers a powerful interactive solution getting people to where they need to be.

From a simple, non interactive way pointing solution through to a multilevel, dynamic path drawing solution, we have a solution that will match your needs and importantly you budget.


Using Analytics

By using Scala’s in-house data and analytics platform, Walkbase uses the Bar, Hotel and Restaurant existing technology – such as Wi¬Fi enabled devices and access points, the venue’s mobile app, sensor-enabled displays, sensors, and beacons – to understand how guests and employees are behaving, and what their preferences and patterns are, in real-time.

Using this information, marketing and promotional messages can be optimized and personalised in real-time on any device including digital signs and mobile, down to a one-to-one personal message to a loyal guest making for memorable visitor experience.

Wayfinding options include:

  1. Mall shoppers key in a brand name product to learn which stores carry the product and get directions to the stores
  2. A hospital wayfinding system linked to the patient database prints a map to patients’ rooms
  3. A convention hotel connects with a scheduling system and has a large meeting schedule display in the lobby plus smaller panels by meeting room doors displaying the events inside
  4. Facility managers easily and instantly update the system when a tenant moves in or out, and the change doesn’t cost a penny
  5. Air travelers enter a flight or destination, find the gate number and learn where they can buy coffee on the way there

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Benefits of Digital Wayfinding Signage

  • Pathdrawing enables the user to see dynamic paths on how to get somewhere from where they currently are
  • Non-interactive wayfinding messaging
  • Push to mobile – once you have your directions you can request to have them sent to your mobile device
  • Integration with your meeting room event database and maps
  • A simple to use back-end GUI for dynamically changing your tenants/rooms etc. Unlike other solutions you do not have to outsource this service

We offer the ability to reach the right customer in the right place at the right time.

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