Public Transport

Why use Digital Signage on Public Transport?

Enhance the passenger experience with marketing technology and transportation digital signage that drives dynamic messaging, interactive experiences, convenience and personalisation.

Transportation digital signage creates new opportunities to proactively inform, entertain and prepare passengers for their journey, with real-time digital signage updates. Easily display and change out promotions and advertisements using transportation digital signage.

Whether you wish to showcase local events or charitable causes, passengers will have something interesting to look at. You can display an easy-to-read schedule of vital transportation information such as arrival/departure times, delays and cancellations.

This type of content will roll out seamlessly, keeping travellers up to date on their current transportation situation. Display interactive route maps to help passengers pinpoint where they are located and where they need to be. These innovative signage solutions can benefit spaces across the transportation industry.

Transportation Analytics

The central nervous system of transportation digital signage is our proprietary analytics platform, which privately and securely analyses connected devices with a network of sensors to create an accurate visualisation of passenger dwell and flow through the facility. This type of data collection gives operators a greater understanding of their transportation hubs and allows them to improve operations by communicating and relocating staff more effectively as needed.

For the digital signage transportation industry, this type of data collection provides invaluable information for improving efficiency and customer experience.

Bus terminals tend to get more crowded than airports simply because they are not as big, and they cater to a high volume of people at specific times of the day. As passengers are heading to work in the mornings and back home at night, things can get a bit hectic inside a bus terminal.

Using bus digital signage allows multiple people to get the information they need about their bus quickly. Commuters appreciate useful updates like the weather forecast and out-of-towners enjoy seeing promotions for local events and attractions. Together, all of these features add up to a seamless travel experience.

Benefits of Public Transport

  • Create an intelligent, cohesive digital communication network, helping the passenger experience from real time departures, engaging visual content and route updates on transportation digital signage
  • Understand the full passenger journey using sensor technology to learn about patterns, preferences and behaviours with the help of digital signage
  • Increase sales and passenger satisfaction by promoting amenities and concessions or offering fun, interactive activities in areas with extended dwell time

We offer the ability to reach the right customer in the right place at the right time.

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