COVID-19 Digital Signage Solutions

Why use Digital Signage during COVID-19?

Creating a safe and secure work environment has never been in such high demand. With our range of digital signage solutions, we can help make your workspace ready for employees and customers to return. Focal Media are providing a range of digital signage solutions that will help create that safe space.

Get in touch and find out more about the DAMOC Thermo Check, Digital A-Frame and DAMOC Hand Sanitiser.

All of these products are touchless with features such as IR sensors these are clean, safe and completely touch free ways to prevent cross-contamination. Combined with Digital Signage
to display health and safety messages, as well as local promotions and in-store offers, while people are disinfecting their hands.

Creating Peace of Mind In Public Spaces

The DAMOC Thermo Check

Designed to instil peace of mind across industries welcoming staff and customers into a safe environment. Protect your staff and customers with the DAMOC Thermo Check.

The DAMOC Hand Sanitiser

Combining a Hand Sanitiser with Digital Signage, you can achieve better sanitation policies and inform your staff and customers at the same time. Featuring an IR sensor for automatic dosing, this is a clean, safe and completely touch free to prevent cross contamination.

Display health and safety messages, as well as local promotions while people are disinfecting their hands.

The Digital A-Frame

Incorporate the freestanding digital A-Frame display to any lobby, sales floors, or corridor, to grab visitors’ attention with your own easily updated custom messaging.

Upsell and cross-sell to your customers with eye catching content on a crisp full HD display.

Benefits of COVID-19 Digital Signage Solutions

  • Temperature alarm Equipped with an optional abnormal temperature alarm. Voice alarm volume customisation will accommodate louder environments, such as construction sites and factories.
  • Access control Sync the DAMOC Thermo Check with automatic doors, gates, and ticketing systems, to restrict and control entry access. This provides a cost efficient and reliable alternative to dedicated staff, and can integrate with staff clock in and clock out procedures.
  • Touchless: The DAMOC Thermo Check is a contactless and accurate method of temperature measurement, with facial recognition technology built in. Wi-Fi capability allows seamless remote management in high traffic locations.
  • Rapid Response: Within 2 seconds the DAMOC Thermo Check will read body temperature, and alert staff and customers should they have a high temperature.

We offer the ability to reach the right customer in the right place at the right time.

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