DAMOC Coolers

Why DAMOC Coolers

DAMOC Coolers elevate a normal cooler to an advanced digital device. The digital content allows consumers to engage with brands, and it can be updated remotely in real-time for special offers. Its sleek design frames the Full HD Transparent LCD screen in the door and the products inside the cooler.

The DAMOC Coolers are fully capable of running all features of typical Digital Signage with the innovative edge of the transparent LCD screen.

The cooler’s minimalist yet approachable form stands out at the point of sale and conveys the perception of quality to the very detail. The integrated pocket handle and panel grille are key to the overall simplistic look and feel.

DAMOC Coolers design is scalable to various cooler sizes, which makes it a key pillar in the DAMOC coolers portfolio and the entire DAMOC digital equipment portfolio. Colours, graphics and digital content can be customized for any brands.

The ingenuity of utilising Transparent LCD technology with a cooler full of products opens us an exciting way to interact with your audience. Using solid colours to deliver your brand messaging and intuitively revealing transparent pixels to allow a clear visual of the product inside.

Hospitality uses in Hotels, Pubs and Bars, Retail stores, vending machines, office drinks coolers… there is no limit to this technology’s capabilities.

Create an enterprising way to advertise

DAMOC™ Transparent LCD Display Refrigerator door is designed for indoor use in the hospitality sector, office space, convenience and grocery stores. This “high-performance” Digital TLCD Display replaces the conventional door glass with a transparent display assembly that allows for normal viewing through the glass, but with the ability to run video content in a “see-through” manner. This innovative product has been developed by DAMOC™.

The DAMOC™ Display System is comprised of three major components:

The Transparent LCD.

A direct replacement LED lighting system, including required power supplies, mounted on the rear of the cooler door frame which provides sufficient front illumination of the merchandise displayed in the cooler to make it highly visible thru the TLCD.

The DAMOC™ CMS Server.

Benefits of DAMOC Coolers

  • Digital Cooler is truly a turn-key solution with all required technology and hardware included.
  • Industry leading free bar top Cooler. Custom branded graphical wrap.
  • Ability to run content and video 24 x 7. Industrial rated PC for continuous operation.
  • The digital content allows consumers to engage with brands and it can be updated remotely in real time for special offers.
  • In order to expand marketing and branding activities, the customer can use the complete front door to show picture, video, logo and current offer or even do an interactive lie social media.
  • DAMOC Cooler creates immediate engagement with the product and enhances your brand narrative.
  • Technology that allows for the product to interact with proprietary.
  • DAMOC Cooler elevates a cooler to an advanced digital device; it’s sleek design frames the transparent LCD screen, to celebrate the digital content and products inside the cooler.
  • The Smart Cooler back cabinet and door are designed for easy disassembly, refurbishment and re-use. The design also allows updating with future electronic components.

We offer the ability to reach the right customer in the right place at the right time.

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