Digital Wall Screen Display

Dynamic Visual Experience from your Trusted Visual Solution Leader

Built with high-brightness and ultra-narrow bezel we are here to provide you a with seamless digital signage video wall screen to create any number of configurations.

A robust design with an outstanding image quality, video wall displays consist of multiple screens clubbed together to form one large LED Wall Signage. Digital wall displays are ideal for staging and live entertainment as well as digital signage for multiple locations. 

Updating your digital signage video wall is extremely simple where you can schedule your content to be displayed and you can update your screens from anywhere across the globe with an internet connection.

Digital wall displays are dynamic displays often used to present customized information and advertising content that includes product promotions, upcoming events, timely news and RSS. The best thing about video walls is that they are modular so that you can arrange the size and aspect ratio accordingly.

Augment User Experience with LED Wall Signage

FocalMedia’s customized feature also embeds a digital signage video wall display solution that can help you showcase full video and animated information of your product or service.

Available in a variety of options in Dublin, Ireland, we offer outdoor LED displays of different shapes, sizes, and resolutions. Our double-sized LED squares or roundels can be customized to display content for passers-by to gain more traction.

We make sure to keep our customers informed with regular updates all year round. 

Benefits of Digital Wall Screen Display

  • Enhanced customer engagement with 400% more views
  • Greater satisfaction as it enhances customers’ over experience
  • Digital signage’s effect compound to 19% of people making unplanned purchases
  • Significant increase in sales ratio after implementing digital signage (as much as 33% increase)

We offer the ability to reach the right customer in the right place at the right time.

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