Innovative Digital Signage

Why Innovative Digital Signage

As digital signs offer significant advantages over conventional ones, the market for digital signage has been growing every year in size and scope. To efficiently broadcast dynamic digital content to target audiences, a reliable and eye-catching digital signage platform is the first step to open up successful communication with audiences.

To simplify the installation, usage, maintenance, and upgrade of digital signage, companies have developed an Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) which helps standard is e the design and development of digital signage devices and pluggable media players such an open specification help ensure interoperability and simplify application upgrades designed to meet respective digital signage requirements of individual customers while safeguarding future-proof technology investment.

A New Way to Drive Business with Smart retail solutions

First, replacing printed/painted posters, digital signage systems make information digitized, more dynamic and compelling, in a timely fashion. The ability to provide real-time information between retailers and their customers is a huge business advantage. Among the market segments for digital signage, the retailer market is number one, presenting the greatest opportunity for digital signage solutions.

Companies are looking to benefit from Focal Media’s experience of supplying smart digital signage display products that can help target specific information to specific audience groups with images and key messages. Focal Media are pleased to be playing a leading role in offering solutions of digital signage display which are becoming a major factor in helping retailers boost their sales revenue and increase brand loyalty.

In the Education area – A New Way to assist with Learning

Let us take a look at applications in education. With the onset of newer computer technology, both regular whiteboards and blackboards are falling into disuse as more schools choose to utilize interactive whiteboards for better interaction between teachers and students. To incorporate cutting-edge technology into the 21st century, an increasing number of leading institutions have deployed Innovative Digital displayers and  players which come with key features such as superb graphical performance and impressive high definition display.

Business – A New Way to Enhance Collaboration

A lot of companies are now looking for innovative ways to improve communication and collaboration, products to conduct meetings, contents and ideas can be displayed and shared digitally, and videos can be played instantaneously, such flexibility and capabilities are making meetings more productive and further enhancing collaboration among business parties.


Benefits of Innovative Digital Signage

  • High quality platform for promotion of ads in different formats and more positive experiences.
  • Technology that allows for the product to interact with proprietary.
  • In order to expand marketing and branding activities, the customer can use the complete new technology to show picture, video, logo and current offer or even do an interactive lie social media.

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