Retail Communications

Digital Signage for Retail

The retail world is one of the fastest-changing industries. Every day there are new methods to push content and engage with consumers.

To elevate a brand you need to get ahead and get past the noise. Be appealing and informative. Proactive and reactive when needed. Using the right type of digital signage in retail to deliver aesthetic and useful marketing. Digital solutions allow retailers to reflect the current customers in-store to deliver updates at scale.

By using Digital Plinths to drive shopper attention to areas in the store. Walking into a department and being flooded with choice can be overwhelming. When a business has a clear impactful digital communication it can help to turn a consumer into a customer by directing attention.

Digital Barkers and Digital Shelf screens deliver at the moment choice, in rotation you can pull the attention of a shopper to a product and then deliver information on pricing and offers relating to those products. This kind of targeted advertising is very influential for the shoppers experience.

When you need to display important messages to consumers entering the store or in areas that they are not interacting with products, the DAMOC A-Frame is a powerful way to communicate. On the fly updates for in-store offers, responsibility messaging, opening hours and so much more. Drive consumers attention to products or services they otherwise may be unaware of.

The use of FSDU or Free Standing Display Units turns standard shelving or space into a unique digital hotspot for a brand or product in-store. Combining the use of space on the screen for promotional offers and pricing along with brand messaging and sponsorship can drive sales and positively impact brand value.

Use marketing technology and Digital Signage to transform the shopping experience

Finding a new way to engage with customers can be difficult. By using innovative Digital Signage paired with customers analytics you can optimise and improve store operations. You can adjust content based on high traffics area’s in store, or product stock levels, or price changes.

You can offer informative Digital Signage as well as touchpoint kiosks. Allow the customer to feel informed and guided through the store whilst engaging with them and having the platform to up-sell at the same time.

In addition to improving customer experience, store operations and information delivery, the analytics will show a deep insight into customers shopping patterns.

Benefits of Retail Communications

  • Create a modern and memorable retail experience using the latest technologies.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of customer buying patterns and engagement.
  • Have the flexibility for remote on the fly updates based on pricing and availability to reflect current trends and stock levels.

We offer the ability to reach the right customer in the right place at the right time.

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